THINQ Gov specialises in helping SMBs (small to medium businesses) to contest and win profitable business from the Government sector.

We equip SMBs with the skills and methods to make their business ‘open for Government business’.  We find government revenue streams and channel these to our members.  Through our training and services, we ensure our customers have an equal opportunity to win public sector business and secure recurring revenue.

THINQ Gov levels the ‘Government business’ playing field by enabling SMBs to compete and win against Big Business.

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"Almost 1 in 2 Australian SMBs don’t survive to see their third birthday"

THINQ Gov was established in 2019 primarily to address the horrendous business failure rate that exists for SMB’s throughout Australia.

Winning government business, be it formal (RFQ’s, Panel arrangements, RFP’s, Grants, etc), or informal Business As Usual (BAU), has long been a challenge for most SMBs. Traditionally only Big Business has the knowledge, resources and understanding of how to work with Government, and as a result is the beneficiary of most government work.

THINQ Gov levels the playing field for SMBs looking to compete with Big for Government revenue streams.

Our THINQ Gov people are devoted to one goal, and that is helping SMBs throughout Australia to partner with Government and open revenue streams that can be life-changing.

THINQ Gov’s Why:


We believe all small businesses should be able to quickly and easily access proven cost-effective methods to strengthen and fortify their businesses in good times and bad.


We believe small business should receive the plaudits and provisions that befits a sector responsible for employing over 40% of the Australian workforce.


We believe that when awarding Local, State, and Federal formal and informal government contracts, small business should receive an equal share as that of Big Business in Australia.

THINQ Gov’s How:

THINQ Gov provides SMB’s with unique services designed to quickly, simply and easily:

Target, identify and ensure SMB’s are aware of profitable government opportunities either wholly, or partly, relevant to their business

Provide a platform for SMBs to establish and grow a wide Partner network

Enable SMBs with a diagnostic tool which identifies areas of their business which needs strengthening before they can be considered ‘Government Ready’; areas that once strengthened, makes the business more attractive for Government to partner

Ensure SMBs understand what government is really looking for in its partners, and how best to apply this knowledge to open and secure government revenue streams

Facilitate access so SMBs can receive advice, recommendations and expertise from government specialists, before submitting formal or informal submissions to secure government work

Facilitate workshops enabling SMBs to ‘fish for themselves’ by developing and implementing their own ‘Government’ strategy

THINQ Gov’s What:

THINQ Gov has five primary tools to help SMBs succeed, access relevant SMB support mechanisms, and realise and maintain new government revenue streams.

The THINQ Matrix Map provides SMBs with a detailed report into six areas of their business, along with an analysis of which areas are already ‘Government ready’, and which areas need some work and attention before the SMB can be considered ‘Open for Government Business’


THINQ Gov Membership Plans

Membership Inclusions

Associate$49 p/month
Partner$95 p/month
Premier$165 p/month

Government Contract, Tender, BAU and grant alerts

Members Only Quarterley Gazette

Member only access to QLD Government Business and Procurement reports

Members copy of the book ‘Winning Government Business – the 6 Rules and 9 Absolutes’

Invitation to quarterly ‘Partner for Partner’ events

30% cost reduction on THINQ Gov Workshop, Project Management Fundamentals, PMP or PRINCE2 courses

20% cost reduction on all THINQ Gov consulting

Access to monthly live Q & A session with Thomas Pollock, author of WGB – 6 Rules and 9 Absolutes (1 seat only)

50% cost reduction on THINQ Gov Workshop, Project Management Fundamentals, PMP or PRINCE2 courses

25% cost reduction on all THINQ Gov consulting

Government Contract, Grant, Tender or BAU submission appraisal with report (one per membership cycle)

PAYG (Pay As You Go) Services:

These PAYG services are available to all THINQ Gov customers who are Associate, Partner or Premier members. SMBs that have completed the THINQ Gov workshop can also purchase individual services under the PAYG option.

  • Contract, Tender, Grant or BAU appraisal with summary report: $750
  • Contract, Tender, Grant or BAU appraisal with detailed report: $1690
  • Consulting (Government with SME focus): $165/hour


Winning Government Business Workshop

  • The 6 Rules and 9 Absolutes
  • 1-Day Workshop $990
  • Designed to help SMBs win Government business with a hands-on workshop


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