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General links for Queensland SMBs

Strategic support and development programs and services

Workshops, webinars, events and readings

Investment and funding programs and support

Startup and innovation programs and support

Government tendering and procurement programs and support

Employment and jobs programs and support

Workplace health and safety programs and support

"All aboard the innovation train"

Grants are great

General links for Queensland SMBs

Australian Government Grants and assistance programs
Find grants, funding and support programs from across the Australian Government to help your business grow and succeed.

Business Queensland
A source of news, programs, events, support tools and services for Queensland SMBs.

Federal Government Information and Services for Business
A source for Australian Government grants, services and business tools.

Queensland Government Grants Finder
Search for the most appropriate grant to meet your enterprise and industry needs.

The Biz BUZZ
A joint initiative of RDA Brisbane and the Brisbane West Chamber of Commerce, this is a Facebook feed of government grants, events and other items or opportunities relevant to SMBs in South East Queensland.

Strategic support and development programs and services

Australian Small Business Advisory Services (ASBAS) Digital Solutions
A joint effort between Business Station and RDA Brisbane, this is a low-cost, high-quality digital advisory services to SMBs across Queensland. Includes one-on-one consultations, workshops and news updates.

Build a Better Business Program
Delivered by TAFE Small Business Solutions, this program offers a series of workshops and one-on-one mentoring sessions with mentors who are highly successful business executives. Notes: Cost is $455 to eligible applicants (valued at $2,390 but government subsidised). Eligibility criteria apply.

Mentoring for Growth
M4G Offers access to expert business mentors who provide insights, options and suggestions relating to specific enterprise challenges and opportunities. M4G is delivered through both panel and chat formats and can be conducted via face-to-face and online meetings. Notes: No cost. Eligibility criteria apply.

TAFE Small Business Solutions
Helps business owners and managers to create ideal business model solutions. Delivered through a series of workshops and one-on-one mentoring, the teachers work with you to figure out the ideal solution for your SMB.

Workshops, webinars, events and readings

Business Queensland Events Calendar
Find and register for business and industry workshops, webinars, forums and events across Queensland.

Entrepreneurs Guide
A freely downloadable guide from the Australian Stock Exchange that gives a logical approach to starting, growing and exiting an innovation-driven enterprise.

EXPRESSWAY Network forum
A forum for Queensland business managers and innovation leaders from all industries, sectors, regions and business stages. The monthly forum events are a venue for networking, collaboration, education and investment. Notes: No cost to join or attend forums, but eligibility criteria apply.

EXPRESSWAY Network on LinkedIn group
An online group that brings together innovative business managers so they can share articles, learn about support programs for innovative enterprises and keep in touch. Notes: No cost, but eligibility criteria apply.

Running a Business
Vital information to help you run your business in Queensland.

Starting a Business Guide
An Australian Government guide to each step of starting a business.

Starting a Business In Queensland
A service on what you need to know to help you get into business in Queensland.

Investment and funding programs and support

Grant writing guide
This freely downloadable guide offers advice about how to write grant applications.

Mentoring for Investment
(M4I) A program that surrounds enterprises that are approaching investment readiness with finance investment industry mentors. Notes: Part of Mentoring for Growth. No cost, but eligibility criteria apply.

Startup and innovation programs and support

ABN Lookup
Search for business names and registrations.

Australian Business Licence and Information Service (ABLIS)
Find information about licences you may need for your business.

Australian Business Registration
An online service where you can register an Australian Business Number (ABN), Australian Company Number (ACN), a business name and so on.

The Office of the Queensland Chief Entrepreneur
An initiative that supports the development of the startup ecosystem and entrepreneurship in general across Queensland.

The Precinct (Brisbane)
An initiative that brings together Queensland startups, incubators, investors and mentors together to help foster collaboration and build an entrepreneurial culture.

Government tendering and procurement programs and support

A centralised publication of Australian Government business opportunities, annual procurement plans and contracts awarded.

Local Buy
A service for the Local Government Association Queensland (LGAQ) common-use procurement arrangements for councils and local Government authorities.

Local Government Tenderbox
The online tendering portal of choice for many Queensland local-governments, statutory bodies and other public sector entities.

A site that addresses tendering for Queensland Government contracts.

Queensland Contracts Directory & Queensland Government contracts directory–awarded contracts
The Queensland Government regularly publishes details of contracts over $10,000 it has awarded on these sites.

Queensland Digital Projects Dashboard
A review of all current major digital projects for improving service delivery to Queenslanders.

Queensland First
A Queensland Government procurement strategy that gives priority to local businesses with a weighting of up to 30 percent when awarding work.

Employment and jobs programs and support

Australian Apprenticeships Incentives Program
Financial incentives to eligible employers of Australian apprentices. Note: Eligibility criteria apply.

Australian Government Wage Subsidies
Information on financial incentives to help eligible businesses hire new staff on a full time, part-time, casual, apprenticeship or traineeship basis. Note: Eligibility criteria apply.

Back To Work Employer Support Payments
The Queensland Government offers payments of up to $15,000 to hire eligible unemployed jobseekers in regional Queensland or parts of South East Queensland that are experiencing significant labour market challenges. Note: Eligibility criteria apply.

Back To Work Youth Boost Employer Support Payment
The Queensland Government offers payments of up to $20,000 to hire an unemployed jobseeker, aged between 15 and 24, in regional Queensland or parts of South East Queensland that are experiencing significant labour market challenges. Note: Eligibility criteria apply.

Workplace health and safety programs and support

WorkCover Queensland Small Business Program
A program designed to help small Queensland businesses to access free work health and safety advisory services. No Cost.

All aboard the innovation train

As well as the above programs, the Queensland government also offers many other programs for companies defined as “innovators”. The government defines these in one of two families:

  1. The business develops new-to-world business models, products or services for scalable commercialisation.
  2. The business creates or adopts an innovative product or process solution that results in internal efficiencies or productivity increases.

Grouped under the Advance Queensland banner, a selection of the Queensland Government’s innovation programs and bodies include:

Advance Queensland Newsletter
Find the latest news and information about support programs, events and grants available to Queensland researchers, innovators, enterprises and industries.

Innovation Journey
This brochure provides a great snapshot of the Queensland and Australian Government programs available to support innovators and innovative small to medium enterprises. Save it in your browser favourites so that you are always accessing the most recent version.

Innovate Queensland
Workshops and webinars that help innovative Queensland SMBs to strategise, network, commercialise and grow.

Innovate Queensland Forum
A LinkedIn resource where Queensland entrepreneurs and business leaders share news, events, articles, experiences, opinions and success stories.

Innovate Queensland YouTube
An archive of past video webinars on a range of innovation topics.

My Innovation Advisor services
Independent and objective consultation towards commercialisation strategies for innovative ideas. Notes: No cost, eligibility criteria apply.

Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR)
Funding for innovators to develop and test new, commercially viable solutions to complex Queensland Government challenges.

An avenue by which Queensland startups and SMBs can pitch new solutions to Queensland Government decision makers.

Grants are great

Government grants are another way SMBs can secure much-needed growth funding. Grants are awarded across a myriad of industries, yet few SMBs take the time to look into which grants are available and suitable for them.

Most SMBs point to three main factors that put them off dipping their toes into grant waters. As it happens, these three reasons are also blockers for SMBs doing other things outside of their BAU:

  1. Time: Grants certainly take time to complete and submit.
  2. Expertise: Knowing how to write a good grant or tender application is a rare skill. Some grants are straightforward; some are complex. Polished applications clearly stand out and increase your chances of being awarded. Many SMBs feel they don’t have the knowledge or skills to make a solid grant submission.
  3. Money: There are many companies that will compile grant applications for you. While none of them guarantee success, all charge a hefty sum. SMBs don’t often have cash lying around to blow on grant application expertise.

Where to start

The government-grant puzzle can be navigated a little easier by monitoring grant landing pages on a regular basis. You’ll need to familiarise yourself with the main government landing pages, then set a weekly or monthly task to go through these sites.

Because new grants often open and close in a short timeframe, you need to be on top of things to take advantage when a grant opens that aligns with your business. Should you decide to apply, be prepared to put some time and effort into your response. There is real cash available here, so a professional and well-thought-out application will give you the best chance of success – even on small grants.

As grants are effectively taxpayer funded, be sure to provide strong justification on why your company should be considered for any grant funds, as well as who will benefit and how.

The Queensland Government’s Funding, grants and resources page links to grants in four categories: Queensland Government grants, Australian Government grants, Local Government grants and “Other Grants”.

As well as this central resource, here are some other avenues through which you can apply for funding and grants.

Community Door
Tools, resources and information to help community organisations operate successfully, including advice on how to apply for funding and starting a community organisation.

Community Grants Hub
Community-based grants administered on behalf of Australian Government departments, agencies and organisations.

Funding Centre
An information source on grants and fundraising run by Our Community, a social enterprise that provides advice, tools and training for Australia’s 600,000 community groups, as well as services for business, government and the general public.

Philanthropy Australia
The national peak body for philanthropy and a not-for-profit membership organisation.

Tourism Assistance Database
A broad range of information about funding programs.

Valuing Organisational Improvement and Community Excellence (VOICE)
This website provides management resources designed to help with the day-to-day running of a community organisation. It contains user-friendly information about office administration and management, along with 'how-to' guides, templates and samples on various topics.