About THINQ Learning

THINQ Learning helps Australian Small and Medium businesses that:

Are open to challenging the way things have always ‘been done’, and are prepared to embrace learning and change as core business enablers

Want to understand, find, and secure Government revenue streams

See Australian SMBs as a real partner eco-system where win/win collaborations are to be embraced and celebrated


THINQ Learning’s founder, Thomas Pollock, has almost 20 years’ experience immersed in the Australian SMB sector. Harbouring a desire to establish new revenue streams to help reinforce a growing small business during tough economic times, Thomas began engaging and winning business through partnering with all levels of government. He is the author of the 2020 book, Winning Government Business: The 6 Rules and 9 Absolutes for Small to Medium Businesses.  In this book Tom shares almost 20 years of knowledge and experiences and provides a roadmap showing how small and medium businesses can win the struggle against Big Business when targeting government revenue streams.

Small Businesses have a failure rate of close to 50%.  THINQ Learning’s only mission is to lower that figure and support SMBs throughout Australia.


Our THINQ People’s 5 Pillars


Take responsibility.  Own the ups – and the downs.


Celebrate the wins together, and loudly 


Honest communication; committed and accountable team; a place people want to be and stay


Smile.  Relax.  Enjoy what you do.


Regardless of value, ensure financial decisions are measured, prudent, and beyond reproach